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12 September 2019
After highlighting all the issues it took 3 months to sort the heating out, it took a while for the toilet to be fixed and then we had water pouring through the ceiling every time we had a shower. Now we were told a leak was being repaired before we started renting but this leak was an issue constantly. He (the landlord - Ian) sent over a couple of people to fix it, but every time it just leaked again. A lady knocked on our door one day and said her client had exactly the same thing. She was a single mother, living in the filthy place with no repairs and the landlord refused to give back any deposit money.

It also took a long time to get an address of the owners from him, he gave us an address but said we were never to contact them. To this day I don't think it was a real address as any recorded mail seemed to not reach him.

It took constant threats from us to included by recorded mail to ensure our deposit was stored legally so he couldn't steal our money when we left. I'm putting No to the deposit protection for this reason as the previous tenants told us he refused to do this and lost their money. It took months for us to get him to process it and only before threatening court.

When it came to leaving the place, he tried to avoid all contact, he refused to answer the phone and he tried to deny he had received the two months notice we gave. I told him it had been sent by recorded mail and that he should have had it unless he illegally gave a false address, he then quickly responded and went through with meeting us to do a final check.

A couple of times when we tried to meet to hand over the keys he couldn't make it and tried to get us to meet someone he said was from Michael Graham. But not in a Michael Graham store, outside some random house. We refused and told him he needed to review the inventory and discuss the deposit. Finally we managed to pin him down. I wouldn't trust Ian McGregor (of Principle Properties) at all.

This was one of the most unpleasant experiences I've ever had in renting.

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