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13 September 2019
Possibly the most horrid person I have ever had the displeasure of being exposed too.

Best way to describe her is a list of her negligence:

1 - She takes forever to respond to messages if at all. Has been many occasions when she has flat out of ignored us for months!

2 - When repairs are needed, she takes months act or flat out refuses:
2.1 - It took her 3 months to replace the fridge and oven that didn't work upon moving in.
2.2 - It took her 4 months fix the shower not being warm.
2.3 - After 2 months of ignoring us and having to get the council involved, she finally "fixed" the leak in the kitchen that had caused the ceiling to fall through by just plastering over it again.
2.4 - The flat from the beginning had a black mould issue, she flat out refused to do anything about it and claimed it wasn't her problem. When in actual fact it caused by inherent damp in the walls from not being ceiled properly (this was told to us by our own surveyor).
2.5 - The lounge window does not close, and she has made no effort to fix it.
2.6 - The boiler has stopped working on several occasions, but she refuses to place it.
2.7 - The beds provided were not fit for use and where falling apart, she also refused to replace them.

3 - She is extremely aggressive verbally and physically
3.1 - After we reported her to council after 2 months of no responses about the leak, her first contact back to use was an extremely threating and abusive phone call about how dare we report her to the council.
3.2 - On several occasions she turned up to the flat without the 24h minimum notice and on a couple of those occasions just let herself into the flat.
3.3 - After a disagreement over the deposit (which she had no right to withhold) she sent her son around to the flat to beat me up! He was only prevented by the neighbours calling the police.

4 - She illegally withheld the deposit with no claim
4.1 - She first claimed that we had to replace a desk that we had previously replaced ourselves (because it was mouldy, and she refused to replace it) needed to be replaced with an exact model from Ikea.
4.2 - After replacing the desk with the exact model she had linked in an effort expediate the return of the deposit, she tried to claim it wasn't the desk she'd asked for. It most definitely was, and it became clear she was just playing games to prevent us getting our deposit back.
4.3 - We made a claim on the deposit through the DPS, but she refused to respond to it meaning it would be eternally stuck in limbo because she wasn't making a decision.
4.4 - We ended up having to get a solicitor to give us a Statutory Declaration to get the deposit back because even after 4 weeks she had still not budged.
4.5 - After about a week of waiting me and another house got a flurry of calls (to throw abuse at us) from her after weeks of refusing to reply to us.
4.6 - Later that day we found out why when the DPS contacted us to inform us we'd be receiving out deposit in full.

5 - She lied about having a HMO licence and was illegally letting the flat to 4 people.

I'd like to finish up by saying I know landlords are bad and I've had my fair share of them, but Adimbola really went above and beyond to not only be a catastrophically bad landlord but also a despicable human being also. I really feel sorry for anyone else that has to be exposed to her or doesn't know the proper avenues to protect yourself from her tactics. She is the reason people should be able to be banned from land lording and I leave this as a warning to anyone thinking of living in 16 Chartham House.

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