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24 August 2021
I lived in the 3 bed ground floor flat at the same time as the other person reviewing Ms Sharon and can confirm their story is 100% correct. We signed a lease extension in August 2018 and within 1 month and a half she tried to force us out.

Nurit Sharon is a terrible landlord and terrible human being who realised that she was renting the entire building illegally, and as a such tried to create a hostile living environment to force us out.

While trying to kick us out her story changed multiple times. Going from having a sick mother, to having children who are finishing university and need the flat, to wanting to refurbish everything. She would send over builders and plumbers and other random people without giving notice.

Her friend/property manager Mia, also a terrible person, would send us messages daily attempting to make us leave the property. It was borderline harassment. Just like the other flat, she tried to pit housemates against each other.

We eventually agreed to leave if she paid us. However she made us promise not to tell the other flat as she didn’t want to pay them money also!

After we moved, she still rang and messaged me multiple times telling me to leave the property thinking I was one of the tenants from upstairs!

This woman is useless. She settled on the story that her mother was ill and that her sick mother was going to live in the flat. However, the flats were divided into smaller properties and put up for rent soon after.

So she’s a liar too! AVOID
14 September 2019
Mrs Sharon gives landlords a bad name. After signing a year contract she asked us to leave with the first 5 weeks, stating her parents needed somewhere to live. Then the story changed to wanting to split the flats up. It turns out she asked other flats to vacate as well, as she didn't have the required HMO licence and so was letting the flats illegally. She tried to pay us off (as we were still within the minimum term) and then when we agreed to leave she tried to worm out of any payment. She tried to play the flatmates off against each other, so all discussions from then on would only take place with all parties present and agreements would be captured and confirmed in writing. She would then 'forget' the discussion or try and try to worm out of any commitment (even though it was confirmed in writing). When we left before the minimum term as requested, she tried to charge the remaining flat mates (who were leaving a few weeks later, again within the term) full rent, because we were leaving. Also didn't return all of deposit as we apparently hadn't paid rent. Once she checked her account she paid full deposit back. Finally didn't put the deposit into a deposit scheme even though she agreed she would and we signed the forms at the beginning of the contract.

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