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14 May 2024
I don’t know them.
5 March 2022
Landlord has cover for some things and tries to use this to make repairs that ultimately don’t fix the issue

When I first reported the leak I was told it might get better when the roof is fixed and they know there is damp in the property and there is a dehumidifier in the garage I can use. The leaking pipe was on an internal downstairs wall. Took 6 months to first attempt to fix it and 7 months to first attempt to fix the heating. Chooses cheap was to try and get round fixing eg a chemical power flush instead of a proper one despite being told the entire system was full of sludge

Still have heating and leak issue almost a year later with no likelihood of it being fixed any time soon
8 May 2021
Allowed a cat to move into a no pet tenancy. Tenant has asked if others were ok with a cat before moving, agent had said yes repeatedly, all in writing. Never told us. Cat moved in, I have asthma and can't live with a cat. Then it got fleas. 1 month in lockdown with fleas that were everywhere and would not leave .begged landlords for pest control. Technically our contract said we had to pay for pest control but it also said no animals. pest control eventually organised by agency but they guy only did bedbugs and didn't give a list of chemicals used. Then agency tried to make us pay the £700 or more for it. Also didn't check gas for 2 years and only when we complained to council. Did not out deposit in protection scheme until 1 year after I'd move in. Never answered emails. Rude. Came over without warning at 9pm at night and just let themselves in. Washing machine caught fire, oven would break fuse every time we used hob and blender caught fire when plugged in and they never ever sent electrician. Washing machine kept breaking.went without WiFi for months. Illegally evicted Tennant's during covid as landlord wanted to sell. Also no markings on oven . tenants told to put hand in oven to check if hot enough and check temperature! Used a lot of emotional blackmail as well, horrible emails.

They were redwood house, then Livin London and then joined with honest living, mosaic. Tried to charge wrong rent one day which caused distress
9 October 2019
Never met the landlord, even when requested to speak with him over the phone we were refused.

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