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5 November 2019
Often rude and unapproachable, also lives next door.
Likes to threaten tenents with no contract renual if you do not follow the 100 page rule book hidden inside the kitchen drawer.
The only point of investment to be seen is the increasing numbers of CCTV cameras around the house which are as follows:-
1) Outside front door of landlords house looking at your front door.
2) Two cameras down the side of the house
3) Camera over the back door
4) Camera at the bottom of the landlords garden looking at the back door
5) One camera inside, above the front door
6) One camera disguised as a smoke detector halfway down the ground floor hallway.
7) Two cameras in the kitchen (equiped with microphones so the landlord can listen to your private conversations).
8) One camera outside toilets in hallway upstairs
9) One camera disguised as a smoke detector at opposite end of upstairs hallway
Also worth noting that the landlord has blocked of access to the loft space which he has access to from his property via the party wall, you can often hear him creeping about above peoples rooms doing lord knows what.
He refuses to take responsibility for anything and will often suggest that you deal with problem tenents yourself.
The house has internet, via a router in his house for which he charges you £10:00 per month.
The signal is weak and prone to dropping out on a regular basis.
The landlord gets one star because the house is heated well.
If you enjoy the creepy feeling that you are being watched, this is the place to live.

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