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Acebarn Ltd, Bangor

Reviewed 18 November 2019
The good is that the landlord keeps things clean. And she gives updates on when she is around.

1. If you get locked out the property in the evening say 6pm the landlord will not come to let you in till the following day. One of my friends got locked out and had too sleep in the library because the landlord refused to come back and let her in after telling her to stay with a friend.
I also got locked out around 6 and I messaged the landlord that evening she did not respond till the morning. I had to sleep ruff.

2. The landlord falsely advertised the property to be 360 per month and when I signed the contract it was 390per month. When told it was advertised at a different price she just said there are 52 weeks in a year so rent is calculated by how many weeks there are in a year rather than how many weeks there are in a month.

She then gave me the option to pay weekly. However, everytime I paid weekly and there was only 4 weeks in a month she would email me saying I had not paid the full rent which is 390.

3. There are people doing drugs on the property and the landlord is aware. It was quite unpleasant because of the antisocial hours and the noise, prowling, external fire exit and doors being left open, it just is not safe. In the contract the use of drugs on the property equals termination.

However, when confronted the landlord refused to enforce termination because the people using the drugs paid her higher rent and it was not something she wants to do.

4. I then moved to a smaller room where the rent is 303per month. The landlord refused to charge me the lower rate. So I am currently paying £390 per month for a smaller room.

5. There is literally no repairs that take place. She says that she is going to get stuff fixed but does not do it. Hence, nearly every hob broken.
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