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Richard Appleberg in Brighton and Hove

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Richard Appleberg, Brighton and Hove

Reviewed 16 December 2019
When my housemate told the landlord politely that they thought he'd been ripped off (BC whoever did the work in the shower didn't grout between the tiles, but rather all over them), landlord responded with "well it's not like you're paying for luxury accommodation"

Before we moved in the landlord thought it was appropriate for us to leave the £600 rent in cash on the side and he would just let himself in and picked it up. This didn't fly with us and he did eventually relent to allowing us to direct debit the rent payments to him.

Once the landlords wife decided it was appropriate to just let herself in with no forewarning while I was at work and my housemate was asleep, causing my housemate to have a panic attack. Landlord was very defensive at first, but hasn't done it since and relented to always giving us 24 hours notice.

It's clearly to me he sees this property as a business venture and not as a home. I rarely see my landlord, and I prefer to keep it that way. He often takes months to carry out simple tasks. It took him 2 months after we moved in to replace the broken window even though we asked him to replace it before we moved in. The heating still doesn't work, although he's claiming he's waiting on something from the council but never actually specified what. He's polite if not subtlety condescending in face to face conversations. I do not trust him further than I can throw him.
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