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16 March 2022
Bowden Properties took over the rental. They put tenants in they pocket their rent and they refuse to pay the owners. Tenants are paying rent that is not being paid to landlords which puts the tenants at risk of eviction.
16 March 2022
Bowden Properties are your tenants. They call it their 'Rent to Rent' Contract... . 3 out of the 5 months in, they have to be chased incessantly to pay us the rent collected from their tenants in our house. We currently are 10 days overdue in rent payment with no contact from them, no guarantee of payment of rent owed (also one months in arrears), they now hold 2 months of our rent with no explanation or even acknowledgment given. They have given us no information about our property or its condition. I am waiting until COB today before seeking legal advise to take action against them. They may be good for tenants but for home owners I seriously advise EXTREME CAUTION. Our experience has been a nightmare from the moment they where due to pay us anything as they are unbelievably non transparent, dishonest, impossible to get them to respond or communicate about anything, impossible to get them to pay the substantial rent they collect from the tenants they put in our property that they themselves bank.
10 January 2020
Awful communication, only ever round for rent never got repairs organised Happy to make us homeless after their mistake

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