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2 April 2020
High strung and probably OCD. Bothered me with the smallest details (e.g. messaged me because I accidentally left a kitchen cupboard open) and expected the place left with a high standard which just became difficult to deal with after a while. I like to keep the place clean too but this was on a different level.

I was given a 6 months contract but after 2 months, he decided he need to make emergency repairs therefore kicking me out of the house. Two weeks prior me leaving he made me aware of this but did not confirm. Then 3 days before leaving, he confirmed me that this was happening and that I needed to leave in the next 2-3 days. This was during the COVID19 pandemic too. He defended himself saying he did confirm it with me in the weeks prior and that I was in the wrong.

When it came to leaving the property and giving the deposit back, he was very shady about returning it. Made up an excuse that his accountant will return it at the day of leaving. I left and didn't receive anything. I called him and he again made an excuse that the accountant must have forgotten, and proceeded to transfer me out of his own account and taking out a chunk of the deposit that we had originally agreed upon! I argued over this for a while but eventually decided this was not worth the effort.

I would avoid this landlord despite the nice house environment he provided unless you want strange conversations and almost certainty you will not get your full deposit back.

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