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25 June 2020
Repairs took very long to be performed (more than one year to replace a malfunctioning washing machine, 3 months to fix a non functioning water heater). Communication occurs solely via email, and sometimes took days to get an answer. The landlord lives in Glasgow, and never comes to visit the flat. No gardening or window washing service is paid for. Despite the driveway being part of the property he will object to parking a car in there. At the end of the tenancy, he will try to extort a £300 "cleaning fee" without having seen the flat for almost one year. Overall, a landlord that cares solely about milking every single pence he can from his properties and spends as few as possible on them.
2 May 2020
Alan, the landlord lives in Glasgow, and visited the flat on one occasion this year. In my opinion, he does not know what it takes to be a good landlord, with his only drive being money. Upon us viewing the flat for the first time, he advertised the rent as £535 a month, surprisingly low for this building. We asked for confirmation 2 further times of the price before accepting the flat. He refused to send the contract over email, choosing instead to get us to sign it in person, a month after we agreed to sign for the flat (Because he didn't want to travel to St Andrews until then). The same week we were going to sign for the flat, he realised he had made an error and given us the price for his other St Andrews flat, and this flat was for £735 a month. He saw no issue in the extra £200 a month and demanded we sign with the new price, knowing that all other flats in St Andrews had been taken up by this time. After some negotiation, we agreed to pay the £735 but only if we did not pay he has a handyman in St Andrews who is great, but Alan himself is slow to fix anything. He took two weeks of messages to buy a new fridge after constant contacting by myself to let him know it was not working at all. Amidst the coronavirus lockdown, he was desperately trying to get me to stay in the flat for May onwards, trying to convince me by raising fears about catching coronavirus in a new flat. He comes across insincere and uncaring about anything that isn't to do with him getting money.

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