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Satyanarayana Maddi in Manchester

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Satyanarayana Maddi, Manchester

Reviewed 2 May 2020
The landlord is some one who thinks he is always right who always wants to increase rent or get as much money as he wants. He was talking so nicely when I was moving into the property. The rent was £700. But only came to know the colour after 5 months of the tenancy when he started moaning for more money. We initially agreed for £50 increase only after 6 months as we are desperate to move out of another property because of my growing child who was after a garden to play. As agreed, we we were ready to pay the increase in the rent but the landlord then started saying that he wants that to be increased for £150 which we didnot accept. Hence, we said we will move out and then he came to the terms and we agreed another extra £20. At the same time, we made an agreement on word of mouth to give £800 after 6 months and another £50 every 6 months and stop that at £900 for an year then. But when we were about to finish 4 months he came back and asked us to pay £950 but the amount we were paying then was £770. We straighaway said no and said that we will vacate the property. We were not able to find the property in time because of christmaas and new year and the tenancy credit checks a long time, we requested for another extra 10 days. He was ok with that but he asked us to pay half of the price he advertised which was £1050 or else he wants us to vacate the property immediately. Since the date neared and we were not aware of the law then about the tenancy eviction process and he threatening me that he would not give a good reference, I was forced to pay the amountof £525 for 15 days he asked me to pay and then only he gave the good reference. My monthly rent was only £770 for a month. As soon as I paid, he brought the property rent to £950. By the time I moved out, he brought the price on Open Rent to £890 or so.
Then started another hurdle to get back my deposit of £700 from the DPS. Please note, he never professionally cleaned the property. Then when we were out of the property, we gave so clean and better than he gave us the property. But he made false claims with DPS, and said there were bathroom tub plug missing and charged me for £50, a dent on the fridge and charged me for £150, fire label (not the permanent labels) on the sofa and bed missing and asked me to pay another £20. On top of all these, he said the property was not cleaned properly and charged £125 for the cleaning. I filed a claim and submitted all the proofs and he cant prove anything and I got all my money. I am ashamed to say that this land lord is a professional working to help people but dont know if he is actually doing anything, And really ashamed to say that he comes from the same Indian community where I come from. Really disgusting to say he is such a person.
On top, he would not give enough time to visit the property and he visits as if he is at the property. The day he threatened about the bad reference, he knocked the door and when my 6 year old son opened door, he went straight to the hall where my 8 months pregnant was sitting and shouted. Her sugar level went so high during the pregnancy because of all the stress she went through because of him. We even mentioned to show some concern and his response was so pathetic which says every one had their problems and issues and he would not care. I have all the conversations with him saved.
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