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16 May 2020
Repairs usually efficient, and doesn't drag them on; is good at pressuring council when needed to resolve utilities issues and other safety issues usually fixed in reasonable time. Other or cosmetic problems they still need to fix may take longer.

Multiple tenants have reported odd or slightly bullying behaviour to me, landlord did not respect privacy sometimes - tenant of another flat in same HMO told me how landlord just unlocked and entered flat during daytime once, no emergency, without notice (against contract).

Security cameras watch front door inside and outside and footage is saved and reviewed manually by him whether any issues reported or not, visitors are noted as contracts limit number of people staying/parties. Also had problems with anything that might give away his disrespect of privacy, always blamed on other reasons.

Has required legal threats over a year after move out to get deposit back (reported by more than one previous tenant), before tenancy deposit scheme started.

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