Renters Reform Coalition


With 4.4 million privately renting households in England, the number of people renting from a private landlord has more than doubled in the last twenty years. Yet regulation hasn’t kept up, and legislative change has been piecemeal. That’s why the Renters’ Reform Coalition welcomes the government’s commitment – first made in December 2019 – to introduce a Renters’ Reform Bill, the first package of reforms in a generation.

This is an opportunity to give England’s 11 million private renters a decent place to call home. We call on the government to accept our vision for reform and introduce legislation that meets the scale of the challenge.

It is time to reset the balance of rights and responsibilities between landlords and renters and ensure every renter has a safe and secure home. As the Renters’ Reform Coalition, we will work with anyone who agrees that change is needed, to make it happen.