Renters' Rights

Picture of a run down house

What If My Rental Home Is Unfit To Live In?

The Power to Make it Right: 8 Essential Steps for UK Renters in Unfit Homes
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What Can I Do If My Landlord Is Not Making Repairs?

We've all heard the stories: a leaky tap that turns into a flooded bathroom, a draughty window that lets the winter chill seep in, or a broken boiler that leaves you shivering in the middle of a cold snap. Let's dive into this topic so you can ensure your rented home remains a comfortable, secure, and habitable haven.

What Are Landlords Responsible For Fixing and Maintaining?

As a renter, it's crucial to know what maintenance and repair responsibilities fall under your landlord's jurisdiction and what tasks might fall onto your own shoulders. Pull up and chair and let's have a look!
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How Can You Tell If A Rental Property Is Legit Or A Landlord Is Legit?

Everything might not always seem as legit as it is. Scratch under the surface, see what you can find.
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You Have The Right To Live In A Property That’s Safe

What are the basic rights you have as a tenant to live in a safe home? Read on.