Tenancy review for 31 Queen Street in Carnoustie And District, Carnoustie rented from Robin Reyner

“Robin Reyner, Landlord, Scheister”
Overall Tenancy Rating: 2
Moved In: 01/01/2015
Rent: £400
Date reviewed: 10 July 2017
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Landlord review for Robin Reyner, Carnoustie

Landlord rating: 1
Robin is lazy, does not communicate, does not fix, does not even get your boiler serviced, in 2 years, the only communication I had with him was about a mice infestation, which he advised "Remove the food from the floors and see if that works", turns out mice can climb and make holes in things.

He never made any attempt to service the boiler, when questioned upon moving out, he argued that he paid a company to do it, but then they didn't do it and that he was in the midst of a small claims court battle, but that doesn't get the boiler fixed does it? because when I left, the boiler had major problems with presure loss and barely ever worked.

Bearing this in mind, I KNOW he had the money to foot the bill to repair it asd he owns multiple properties throughout carnoustie, at least one brand new built house/flat which he had done up specially for his Mrs, he also has property outside of the UK, at the very least in spain which he rents out to holiday goers, and that is just how much I KNOW so I'm well aware he is not bleeding for cash to fix one measley boiler.
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Property review for 31 Queen Street, Carnoustie And District, Carnoustie

Property rating: 1
The property is 31 Queen Street in Carnoustie, a small one bedroom flat with a detatched garden and a shed.

Now to explain a little further, The property had major problems with damp from the day we moved in to the day we moved out, Robins fix was to cover the damp in the walls around the door with plyboard, which didn't work as the damp rose over it.

The garden is a good 50-70 foot from the back door, which also had a shed that I believed was built with teh property originally, though it was mostly destroyed by a previous tenant for it's bricks, fantastic, and robin never made a real attempt to remove these, in fact a neighbor did it.
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Area review for Carnoustie And District, Carnoustie

Area rating: 8
The area is nice, central Carnoustie, close to shops, takeaways, the local beach and the leisure centre, also not far from all public transport.

Neighbors were... mostly good, except one of them who to this day we have problems with.
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