Tenancy review for 10 Stoneleigh Drive in Cockington With Chelston, Torquay rented from Neil Wilson rented via Bryce Baker And Co Ltd

“Bodge Repairs”
10 Stoneleigh Drive, Cockington With Chelston, Torquay, TQ2 6TR View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 3
Moved In: 24/06/2017
Rent: £1600
Date reviewed: 20 August 2021
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Landlord review for Neil Wilson, Torquay

Landlord rating: 1
The landlord is the bodge-it Bob of the property world. The oven door presents the best example of his (in)competence. The door did not shut properly, so he came to "inspect" it, and subsequently spent 30 minutes openign and slamming the oven door closed. There was also an issue with a cold water tap not working. He filled it with WD40, turned it on and off several times (there is a pattern here) and said that it will start working soon. It never did work again.
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Letting agent review for Bryce Baker And Co Ltd, Paignton

Agency rating: 1
The agency was dreadful, not listening to our complaints and not interested in what we had to say. On moving out, they tried to fix us up for damage that we did not cause. Criminal.
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Property review for 10 Stoneleigh Drive, Cockington With Chelston, Torquay

Property rating: 1
Although the property looks finen on intial viewing, when you have lived there for a while, you realise how many problems there are. The hot water takes ages to reach the taps, some of the taps don't work, the house is incredibly draughty due to a large 2 inch gap at the joint between the front door/window section and the glass sloping roof, the oven door did not close correctly, the boiler was faulty and not fit for purpose on moving in.
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Area review for Cockington With Chelston, Torquay

Area rating: 8
The neighbourhood would be fine, but for the fact that the landlord lives next door, unfortunately.
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