Tenancy review for 56 Washington Terrace in Tynemouth, North Shields rented from Jill Wilde rented via GossLets

“Not a Good Experience at all”
56 Washington Terrace, Tynemouth, North Shields, NE30 2HG View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 1
Moved In: 11/10/2021
Rent: £675
Date reviewed: 20 July 2023
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Landlord review for Jill Wilde, Whitley Bay

Landlord rating: 1
Initially I thought they were fine buy I suppose any landlord is fine when they have 6 months rent in hand and rent in their bank each month with no outlay. The proof is always when there is an issue though and Jill and Alan were revealed in a big way by their actions regarding repairs to the property - very sly and underhand with no concern for a young family, only about getting money or saving spending it. They apparently say they are going to sell the property but I believe it will be up for rent again soon with none of the issues fixed and at a higher price.
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Letting agent review for GossLets, Whitley Bay

Agency rating: 1
The 'agency' was not in fact a real agency, the landlords 'hired' what I found out to be their next door neighbours to act for them when they realised I was putting up a fight about the work needing to be done. The company was apparently called Goss Lets but has no website, social media, or any official presence. They were abysmal from the word go and were obviously sent just to do a hatchet job and try and keep as much of my damage deposit as possible - really nasty pieces of work.
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Property review for 56 Washington Terrace, Tynemouth, North Shields

Property rating: 2
Property seemed OK at the start of the tenancy, 56 Washington Terrace, North Shields. Was a bit gloomy and cold but it was in the height of the covid pandemic and any properties were like gold dust, my hands were tied. The landlords were obviously keen to take my 6 months rent up front.

When the first winter came around I realised how damp and badly ventilated the property was, especially the bathroom and kitchen area. Black mould in both areas and fungus growing through cracks in the grout in the bathroom. This was all reported to the landlords at every available juncture and initially they seemed helpful, albeit bodge and budget solutions. When it was still persisting and getting worse, I asked for the core issue to be rectified, they brought their own builder, he said it was a big job to resolve the damp, the landlords okayed the work but then went on holiday to Australia for two months!

When they returned and I'd still been living in these conditions with my children, instead of doing the work they issued a 'revenge' section 21 which gave my little family only two months to leave the property. Disgraceful.
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Area review for Tynemouth, North Shields

Area rating: 5
Neighbourhood is generally clean and quiet. Only real issues are the very busy main road at the front of the property which is meant to be 20mph, but cars absolutely fly down. Parking is difficult at times and in summer your car will get covered in tree sapphire and bird pooh.
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26 May 2020
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