Tenancy review for 46 School Board Lane in Holmebrook, Chesterfield rented via Redbrik

“Avoid avoid avoid this agent for tenancy agreement both tenants and la”
46 School Board Lane, Holmebrook, Chesterfield, S40 1ET View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 5
Moved In: 02/01/2023
Rent: £750
Date reviewed: 29 August 2023
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Letting agent review for Redbrik, Sheffield

Agency rating: 1
Avoid avoid avoid this agent for tenancy agreement both tenants and landlords, beware!!!. A constructive loot for tenants and landlords.

A very honest review to all the potential tenants and landlords out there, the sheffield team are loots who professional loot your deposit money by false invoices. Unnecessary additional charges when vacating. The landlords are charged for re-advertisement of property while tenant also pays towards it, so Redbrik takes the benefit of the money from both parties. In the name Maintainance, landlords are ripped off with money charged at premium cost to them for any maintenance request from tenant.

Reports they created for after tenancy inspections are done within their capacity favouring their profits and drawing maximum share of the deposits that are held.

I was charged around 600£ as clean of house while I had professionally arranged cleaning with tenancy clean service providers paying over 200£. My deposit which was held about 880£ I am only receiving 280£!! Complete ripp off this agent is. Reports created are not legitimate. No scale for 'fair wear and tear' and looked behind radiotors and inside pipes for dirt and provided in report. Making a bogus report.

I am aware that they charge the owner and the tenants and make their money on both sides for maintenance and others without both parties involving together. So playing the middle man game! I am aware of re-advertisement charge for both parties and charges such as repairs were charged hefty for home owner.

Ripped off me 450£ worth for breaking tenancy agreement while and forced me to stay another month additional so they can end the contract. Then after that a ripp off of my deposit held!

Absolute not Service quality. Only money making company. Please avoid this!

As per deposit held scheme, during dispute, the deposit hold service provider requests to arrange negotiation with agent. Agent refused to take part in any negotiation and asks to take despute method. Clearly them taking the advantage of the system that despute services take months to resolve.

This agent has no concern or regard to tenants, nor is landlords.

I wish there was any more platform where I can shout out loud that these agents are ripp offs.
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Property review for 46 School Board Lane, Holmebrook, Chesterfield

Property rating: 7
Good decent property
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Area review for Holmebrook, Chesterfield

Area rating: 7
Very good. Friendly neighbours
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