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15 July 2020
The best thing about the landlord, David Human, is we saw little of him as he lives in Birmingham. I think it's fair to assume he is somewhere 'on the spectrum', but that's no excuse for being so money-orientated that he'd re-straighten used nails! On our very first encounter his (almost) first words were an accusation that we'd broken the house gate post! Erm, you mean the damage that was already there? The house hadn't been cleaned when we moved in and over our 5-year tenancy he broke several of his contractual tenancy agreement obligations. He allowed a large and structurally dangerous outside flint-stone building (barred from use for the final 18-months of our tenancy, without any rent reduction) situated in the properties garden to remain hazardously unstable and unfixed, even though it was pointed out that it was starting to crumble back in 2015, thus potentially putting us/the tenants at risk. The bathroom remained unfixed for almost the last 2-years after the side of the bath and rear plasterboard wall were ripped away, exposing the bare pipes and outside wall. Worse thing though is that he attempted to change certain points of our tenancy agreement to suit his own needs and attempted to retain almost £500 of our deposit money for alleged rent arrears, when in fact we'd actually managed to 'overpay' the man! After a drawn-out process an independent inquiry found we did NOT, after pointing it out numerous times with bank statement evidence, owe any rent money and our deposit was returned, yet he kept the rent money we'd overpaid. David Human owns and rents out numerous properties in the area and I've never met ANYONE who had a good word to say about him.

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