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24 October 2020
The landlord outsources the day-to-day maintenance to his brother, who is fairly responsive and respectable, as he is local. The landlord himself though does not live in town and tends to have poor communication with his tenants. Repairs requested through the brother were generally done, but requests to the landlord himself directly often involved some difficulty. While a new dining table was brought in by the brother, the lift was never replaced, and the landlord oftentimes came to the flat unannounced or with little notice. Repairs were done based on the landlord's schedule rather than asking the tenant when would be a good time, and landlord would often let themselves in the flat when they were in town, again without notice - which poses a substantial safety risk and is illegal. The landlord refused tenant to have visitors (ie: friends and family) stay over, and often interacted in a threatening manner to the tenant and guests, including when energy providers were changed for chaper provision as well as for the end of tenancy in terms of trying to bill the tenant for existing faults in the property and delaying return of deposit. Score is a combination of the brother and the landlord.

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