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Patricia Thompson in Milton Keynes

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Patricia Thompson, Milton Keynes

Reviewed 26 June 2021
I didn't require any repairs during my stay as the room was fine. The landlady's communication was bad as she never did anything to resolve problems as I will explain and she can be extremely cold, selfish and apathetic towards your concerns. I saw her regularly as she lived in the same house and it became evident as I lived there that she doesn't care about her tenants at all. Sometimes when I greet her, her replies seem like scowls as if she is really unhappy to see me. Her attitude seems to imply that she is doing you a favour and not that it is mutually beneficial or she is upset that I have raised legitimate concerns about my living conditions.

Firstly, she is extremely inconsiderate as she seems to think that it's normal and ok for her to be listening to the radio at uncomfortably loud volumes at 7:30 in the morning and sing and whistle loudly to it. I'm a heavy sleeper so I don't usually wake up easily but I can hear everything and it usually ends up waking me up. She does the same thing with the TV, turning it up so loud that I can hear it from my room like I'm in the living room.

Secondly, her 30 year old ambitionless bum of a son also lives in the house and is a constant nuisance as he makes the most noise in the house from shouting while playing video games, to watching Netflix and having his sound system so loud that it shakes my room and shamelessly having loud coitus in the house with his girlfriend who comes around every week just to make even more noise with him. I have raised this with the landlady before but her response is just "oh he just had his gf over that's why". I find it rather amusing how she prioritises the needs of an outsider over her tenant who is paying her mortgage for her but these people aren't familiar with basic logic, courtesy and respect so I'll leave it there.

Thirdly, she lists that you must be ok with 2 dogs and a cat living there but don't be fooled that house is inhabited by two extremely poorly trained dogs but the cat is extremely sweet. One of her dogs (belongs to her son who barely looks after his own dog) is constantly barking from day to night and sometimes defecates inside the house whereas her other dog has snuck into my room before and eaten the food I had in there and has tracked mud all over my bedsheets. The reason why she hasn't resolved this is because she refuses to train them properly and even reinforces their behaviour with treats.
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