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30 October 2021
AVOID RENTING FROM SALIK RASHID AND KRISHMA DAVDRA AT ALL COSTS.In general salik is a very rude person who has a attitude problem. He is very greedy and an absolute scam artist. if your a woman he will try intimidate you.He shouts at his tennants when he doesnt get his own way. He doesn't know how to be a landlord. He never fixed any repairs throughout my entire tenancy. every time i complained to him about maintenance he came back at me with a complaint. He never resolved anything. He promised to reduce my rent as i was leaving mid July. Then when time got closer he asked for a whole payment and threatened me. Sent me multiple threatening intimidating emails asking for more moneywhich gave me severe anxiety i had to go to the dr. He promised to just returned my deposit when we came to an agreement after he had been threatening me. My room was left spotless with no damage when I left. He has now kept my deposit and has charged me a lot more than the actual rent of the room he took the payment and deposit and he said the deposit was used for the room repairs without evening informing me. I had to ask him multiple times and he only responded in October. I have asked him for receipts and no response from him. Hes buying new houses but didn't maintain 46 nelson street. He has kept all his other tennants deposits when they left. His partner krishma who is also the landlord doesn't even greet her tennants she is extremely rude and doesn't even acknowledges you when she comes to the house. All they care about is money. He will let anyone move into the house, multiple times he rented the rooms to thugs who made the place unsafe to live in. Salik doesn't maintain the garden and only got the garden grass cut once in 2 years by people he picked off the street that didn't even do the job properly and this was after we complained multiple times because it was severaly effecting our health. Plus it was lockdown we only had the garden to sit in and he didnt care.The 2 guys he hired complained salik didn't pay them on the day as he promised. he wouldn't even inform us if someone new has moved in. Worst landlord I've ever had. Avoid renting at all costs. He will rob your money and make your life hell!
20 July 2021
When I told the landlord about a leak, he told me it was the tenants responsibility to find out where it is comming from. That is just one example of his bad attitude and unprofessionalism. There was poor communication about how problems would get solved and I had to continuously ask for updates. When I left (by terms in the contract) I recieved threatening emails saying I needed to pay money or he would send debt collectors to my door.

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