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19 December 2021
Ronald Lam was told of the mould starting to form in the first 3 months of our tenancy in which he said he would sort out ventilation but never did. He was told over 6 times by the below neighbour of a leak from our bathroom into her flat but never repaired the issue throughout our 3 year tenancy.
It ended up in him not wanting to reimburse us for two pieces of our damaged furniture caused by the leak from the bathroom seeping into the bedrooms flooring which we did not notice until preparing to leave. The room smelt of damp, but I was so used to it at this point that I did not realise that a lot of the smell was because my wooden furniture was rotting from soaking up the leak from the floorboards! Instead the landlord proceeded to try and blame us for it all for not taking up his earlier offer of getting the whole bathroom refurbished, which would be a major inconvenience for us, but he was never stopped from attending to find the cause of the leak in which he was legally responsible to sort out. Instead he chose to ignore our further messages informing him again and again of the leak into the downstairs neighbours' flat.
Ronald did not, and still has not, provided us the Gas Safety certificates required by him from our 3 year tenancy. He never arranged for engineers to inspect the gas in the whole time we lived there. Ronald himself never attended the property for the whole 3 year tenancy.
In the last month after we gave notice he had Property World Sydenham take over the property management for the next tenancy who I can only assume were (wrongly) informed we had vacated the property, so they allowed their workman in to start ripping out the bathroom, who we found when we returned to the property! It was then that Ronald finally picked up his phone to speak to us in which he was informed of the illegal practice of not giving us 24 hours notice and letting in people to his paying tenant's home. He then finally agreed to pay £150 for our furniture (but only after suggesting we should spend the time and effort to traipse around to find second hand furniture as ours wasn't brand new!) and refund us the remaining rent left for us to leave the property then and there. This to tenants who had paid over £36,000 to him in rent.
I would strongly advise you steer well clear of renting this property unless you feel like experiencing similar.

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