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25 May 2022
Where do I start...? I was with this Landlord for 4+ years. And it went fine until it got messy at the very end. Joanna Fay from who later renamed her agency Scarlett November. Its now also included her 2 daughters Rebecca Fay and Pheobe Fay. When it was just Joanna, things were going well and she was very understanding about situations. Helped me put quite a bit. Repairs were okay, not the best but good enough.

However, it turned sour after her 2 daughters interfered. Rebecca started to contact the me and the housemates more and so did Pheobe. The landlord (Joanna), always did repairs to a bare minimum standard where it would work just enough for it to be okay and not cause any problems legally. Which essentially means the headache falls on the tenants to deal with the issues. Constant boiler problems meant I had to wash dishes and drink water from the toilet sink. Waking up freezing cold as the radiators wouldn't work. And not to mention, she would pretty much take anyone in to the house for the money.

Had two back to back housemates that kept getting the police called to the house, abysmally unclean and just as rude. When I complained to the Landlord, all she did was "have a talk" and then the same thing would continue until they eventually ran away from the house without paying rent. Absolutely 0 care was shown to me during the final months/weeks of my contract as I had been essentially begging for them to call a private plumber to fix the sink tap and boiler, yet they refused and stuck with British Gas (who took 3 weeks to fix the issues). So I had no hot water for 3 weeks and I had to wash whatever dishes I could use in the toilet.

Then after I decided I wasn't happy and wanted to leave. I kept my end of the bargain as I ended my tenancy early. I left on time and with respect. Then came the issue with my deposit. My landlady's sister had recently passed away so I had been very understanding and had tried to leave them alone unless it was something important ihad to discuss. Joanna completely ignored me. There was a message given where she was taking some time off, but then Rebecca was extremely unhelpful and she was not my landlord. Nevertheless, I was told that they would check my place by the 16th, but they didn't do it until the 21st even though they knew I had to give my deposit to my other landlord. Then they started deducting money from my deposit for trivial reasons as I didnt expect this kind of treatment from the people I've known and had a good relationship with for 4+ years.

The deductions were:
£15 -Mattress protector: which I had taken by accident and had told her I'd return it whenever she wanted, and have now returned it.
£30- washing, ironing and rehanging curtains (yes... £30 for rehanging curtains) the curtains had been left in a bag and barely used since I bought my own ones.
£30- removal of rubbish: these were my personal belongings which I had forgotten (my important docs folders, engine oil etc..) instead of messaging me to come pick them up, they chose to take pictures and remove them.
£30- cleaning: I have been one of the cleanest people in the house always telling my landlady that the house was a mess and I had cleaned up however much I could. (An hour for cleaning a room cost £13)

Lastly, when questioned about it, I received barely any responses. Joanna completely refused to speak to me and Rebecca didn't answer her phone at all and didn't return any calls. She only wanted to message and even there she misguided me a lot. I've filed a dispute with my deposits as I don't think I deserve to be charged £105 with regards to how I left my room.

Sorry for the long read, but I couldn't summarise it as these are years of problems and frustration coming out today. Many thanks if you stuck with me till the end.

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