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Huxley Land The Trustees Of The Bergh Apton Trust in London

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Huxley Land The Trustees Of The Bergh Apton Trust, London

Reviewed 27 August 2022
The landlord is not good. I raised the issues of mould multiple times and his only solution was to paint over everything in anti-mould paint rather than address the root cause.

When the handyman visited he said he thought there may be a leak upstairs which caused the mould, as you could hear water running down the wall. He kept saying he would investigate this but never did.

When I left, I asked the landlord for compensation as so many of my possessions had been ruined by mould. He essentially said the mould was my fault for not airing the room properly so he would not be compensating me. The issue is that the room has been fitted with vents on the outside walls and the wardrobe doors which suggests to me that this has always been an issue, otherwise they would not have been installed. My flatmate also informed me that the previous tenant had issues with mould too. The room was as well ventilated as it could be given that it was a ground floor, front-facing room on a busy road in London, so the windows couldn't be constantly open for safety reasons - I'm not too sure what the landlord expects tenants to do. I also had the extractor fan on for hours after I had a shower, but the handyman told the landlord that he visited the property and I didn't have it on. It seemed to me that they were all working together to cover up the mould issue because they couldn't be bothered to find the cause.

Communication is also incredibly poor. We communicated with the landlord via his secretary who was unhelpful. She doesn't reply to emails unless you send multiple follow up emails and call her.

We would often communicate directly with the handymen when we needed something fixed, due to the secretary not replying. They couldn't commit to which days they would visit, often 3 days later than initially agreed and acted with no urgency when we had serious issues.

When you leave the property, the landlord doesn't pay you back the deposit directly and you have to wait for the new tenant to pay you. They don't ask the new tenant to pay you as soon as possible so you can be left waiting for ages after you've moved out for them to pay you. This could be resolved by the landlord managing the deposit better.
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