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Michael Gayle, London

Reviewed 4 December 2022
A completely absent landlord. As mentioned, left us without heating for 3 months in winter and only responded when we took matters into our own hands and rang him at his workplace. He did give us a partial refund for those months when we demanded it, but made us feel we could never request repairs after that point, or risk not having our contract renewed.

When we did ask to renew the contract (we honestly did love the flat aside from the awful agent and landlord) we were callously our request had been refused. We sent a long personal letter asking to renew (my partner was in recovery from surgery so we really didn't want to move) the landlord didn't even bother to reply himself, just said no through the agent. Now, months after we moved out, the property is vacant, showing there was no reason to force us to leave.

The condition of the property - the paintwork, floorboards, and particularly the overgrown garden - as well as his absent attitude, truly shows that this landlord, Michael Gayle, did not care about his property, his tenants, or even really see them as human beings.
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