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Mark Taylor And Roger Cook in Raynes Park

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Mark Taylor And Roger Cook, Raynes Park

Reviewed 13 January 2023
Very intrusive, keeps finding trivial reasons to enter the property. Very nosy, tells tennants what they can keep in their living room, for example. I had an extra mattress and they kept coming in and checkign if it had been removed and sending emails about it! They try to tell the tennants how and when to clean the property and 'inspect' it for that! and I'm talking about vaccuming and dusting!!
Yet when I told them my electric shower heater kept switching off, their solution was to give me a new (terrible) shower head. Turns out it was the RCD (resicual current device - which is a safety measure, similar to a fuse) kept tripping. This is a sign the shower heater was wired incorrectly and could cause electric shock! To this day it has not been fixed. However, if you remove a lightbulb they will make a scene and tell you to shut up and call you stupid because it's supposedly 'unsafe'... yes. One of them came in - without notice- and yelled at me in front of another housemate, calling me stupid and telling me to shut up.
Fire extinguishers never been inspected (no stickers) but a missing lightbulb is a safety hazard.
not to mention the garden - they cut back some shrubs in the back and made a massive pile right before I moved in. Said they were going to clear it so it would be nice, never happened. That was 2.5 years ago. but god forbid the grass should get a bit long! they will harass you with emails until you cut it. But when the mower broke it took them nearly a year to replace it and then it didn't bother them how long the grass was!!!
Terrible, rude, nosy and intrusive.
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