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31 March 2023
The owner of the building i met just twice, nice man. However his daughter! She manages the flats. She is something else. This woman acts nice till it comes to money. The government rebate £400 for each household was not given to anyone living in any of flat 1-5. She received this, when i asked it, she referred me to her father. The thing is, her father doesn’t get involved with dealing of the house so you hardly teach him, cause he is in india. She controls the dealings in that house, but she sat on the rebate and asked me to pay each time I needed electricity. Even after I confirmed that this rebate was sent, she still ignored me till i moved out. My sink got clogged 2months before i moved out, in those 2months. It was never fixed!
After i moved out, getting my deposit was a challenge, as I write this i am yet to receive my deposit. This lady was so mean, looking for any avenue to hold onto my money. The good thing is that anytime I contact her i send her a message so I keep evidence of everything. She avoided my calls for 2weeks, giving excuses as to why she couldn’t give me my deposit. Excuses that are silly!! I called the father to discuss this, he suddenly acted like he couldn’t speak English. I am looking into filling a small claim’s order to get my money. I hated living there. Listen, I don’t think its too much being a decent human being. But people will always be distasteful and greedy. Avoid at all costs! Previous tenants would say the same thing. These people just treat people anyhow they want because they own a property. This is a very honest review

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