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Alberto Scanu in Bristol

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Alberto Scanu, Bristol

Reviewed 24 December 2017
Alberto Scanu is a scammer, he has no idea how to run a buisiness and has very poor English skills. He employed women as young as 19 and has occasinally had intimate relationships with past tennants. Employees have spoken out against this maniac but he has silenced them with pay offs. Known now around Bristol as a scammer and ripping off thousands of pounds from new renters, he's been taken to court and I'm sure it will only be a matter of time until this guy's looking at serious jail time
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Alberto Scanu, Bristol

Reviewed 7 October 2017
You won't get in touch with the real landlord but with the guy who is sub-renting the property for the double of it's original price. If you wanna have troubles with your money that's the right place and the right person
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Alberto Scanu, Bristol

Reviewed 24 March 2017
Hello to whomever is reading this,

At the very start when I moved to Bristol due to job reallocation, I was forced to find a new spot to live in, in a very short time frame.

I thought I was very lucky at the beginning as the guy representing Mainplay answered my call on a Sunday, helped me out it. It literally seemed like I've met a great man.

Time passes, and I wanted to extend my short term let from a month to three, just to give myself a bit of free space to search for a flat at ease.

Upon the request of extending my tenancy I was charged additional 120 quid (Just for signing another paper). Moreover, the person representing Mainplay, who happened to be our landlord, did everything to take every penny possible of the tenants living there.

Basically, one day late on paying the rent (for any of the unpredicted circumstances), you get charged ridiculous money for no reason. Whereas on the other hand, when we had no hot water for about 10 days during winter, it wasn't that much of a big deal for Mainplay to take care of.

Long story short, the reviews talk for themselves. I lived finally in that flat for about half a year, every month another reason to take additional money, throughout that period about 7 different tenants been in and out of the house, all leaving due to our fantastic landlord.

I left the house because I've got into a kind of an argument fight with Mainplay, as once again they wanted to charge me for no reason. That's where I threatened them with a lawyer, and said that I'm leaving next month.

Upon vacating my room, it was left in an immaculate condition, better than one the day I received it. Cleaned from all the fungus that was growing there, new set of sheets, and so on and so forth.

I was charged additional 120 quid, as a deducted payment from my deposit, with an email explaining that the money was spent on cleaning services. Where the cleaners hour is about 10-15quid.

Not forgetting to mention that it was almost impossible to reach him, always dodging our calls when he deducts something from our rent.

Well, what I can say ... I discourage anyone who thinks about living under any one of Mainplay's roofs as a tenant.

Kind regards,


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