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5 September 2023
Landlord seemed quite nice at first was very chatty and friendly, however the rooms weren’t painted before we moved in which we were told would be done. We did an inventory for damage along with any marks on the walls, we told him what walls needed painting and he only chose certain rooms to do which left some rooms with marks and some not. We noted that the bathroom paint was peeling throughout but he didn’t offer to redo this. The property was left in very clean condition at the beginning of the tenancy but there was random furniture in the garden between the property and fence which was never moved. When we moved in the bins were overflowing which wasn’t very sightly as this was outside the property. However he took the rubbish to the tip himself. Throughout our tenancy the landlord was quite helpful, sorting any issues fairly quickly (within a week). Unfortunately in the middle of our tenancy things changed a lot. Our house mate unfortunately passed away and the first thing he wanted was us to fill this room and pay rent, considering the circumstances none of us wanted this to happen and there was 5 months left of the tenancy. We agreed the rent would be paid by parents which her parents and the tenants were happy with. Behind our back he looked for another tenant to fill our friends room and did not tell us this until it fell through. He was not sympathetic or supportive at all throughout this situation. He was only fussed on how his rent would be paid, not 4 girls upset over the death of their friend. He also moved 50 miles away from the property within our tenancy, meaning he wasn’t around to fix any damages at all. My window was broken and stuck open at the front of the house (literally anyone could climb in easily) and he wasn’t going to come for 5 hours. We addressed some issues with him which he would been happy to have fixed at the beginning of the tenancy but never replied to us. Once we had moved out the communication was poor, he said he was going to charge £1300 for damages which was £200 each from us and our friends deposit. He then didn’t give our deposit back for nearly 3 weeks after the tenancy had ended, he refused to listen to us when we argued getting the whole deposit back until one of our mums phoned. We got our deposit back in the end but it was never protected which is very sketchy.
9 July 2019
Got any repairs sorted out quickly. Very friendly, honest and trustworthy landlord. Met us in person at the start of tenancy to see how we were getting on.
30 July 2018
Mike is a great landlord! He is very helpful and assisted with everything that needed to taken care of. Whenever there was an issue, Mike was ready to help and solve the problem.

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