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10 June 2022
Kenneth McMillan
Did I say they are rude? Did I say they are rude? Did I say they are rude?
3 October 2021
Landlord is a narcissistic, drunk bitter old man. Rules by intimidation and uses his power to discriminate. He shows uo unannounced, does not provide ammenities to dry clothes, and aren't allowed to dry them in hallway (warmest part of property) so clothes are left to go damp when drying in room.
15 April 2021
awful, threatens both tenants and staff and physically destroyed belongings in a fit of rage when he lets himself into the flat without any announcement. I even asked the university to help and he shouted at them down the phone, threatening with violence and lawsuits, all because we said (after months of waiting and false promises to fix) if they do not fix the spreading black mould that was making living unbearable, we would have to report to the council. He is now on the local universities black list for landlords..
29 June 2020
Kenneth McMillan is by very far the worst landlord in the greater Glasgow area. Adjectives such as invasive, rude, racist and bully only start to define this character.
Not only walks himself into the rooms (not the property, the actual private rooms) without notifying but also sends maintenance staff to the rooms!! I got caught in the shower a couple of times, or found that they had been in my room while i was at work!! Also he reacts in a rude manner when asked why he does that.
He failed to repair the essential furniture in the room, while pretending to charge full amount. I was sleeping in a broken bed for over 3 months!! Threatening to kick tenants out if another amount was tried to be arranged according to the poor conditions and malfunction of the room elements (broken bed, broken windows, flooding shower, broken radiators,...)
Threatened to enforce the contract clauses at the slightest complain, when himself was not meeting more than half of the clauses that himself added to the contract! (Provide landline phone, internet, ...) Dreadfull.
When notified the intention of leaving the property, demanded the full amount for the entire duration of the contract (further 6 months at the time) plus the loss of the deposit! That man is not only absolutely delusional but that is against the law! If anybody is suffering from his bullying, go to citizens advice and they will help you!
3 August 2018
Mr Ken McMillan is the owner of Mc Millan and company and owns multiple properties in the West End. Those people who had to deal with him directly describe him as a rude, grumpy man. In my opinion and experience he crosses the line of what is a landlord who cares about the property and an controlling, invasive person. He directly interferes with his tennants lives by throwing out personal items without warning, entering unannounced into the rooms or flats and commenting on the way the tennants have arranged their belongings in their rented room. One could nearly say it goes into bullying. Besides he has been shown to be very rude and disrespectful on many occasions and non-responsive to severe health and safety concerns in the flat.
2 August 2018
Worst, landlord I have ever encountered. Its a shame as the property otherwise would be ok. This landlord really not makes it worthwhile. He is incredibly invasive and has thrown away personal belongings of all tennants, enters your room with out notice and shows up unnanounced. I can only stress how unpleasant it is to be suprised by your landlord when coming out of the shower / bathroom in your towel. He has made threatening comments, rude comments or even racist motivated comments to a flatmate of mine (Singapore). I myself had to listen to threatening ir rude comments like move out etc when asking for a new bed after mine had been removed as it had grown mould in it. I slept a month on an airbed borrowed by a friend and I was paying full rent !!!

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