Tenancy review for 18 Hillhead Street in Hillhead, Glasgow rented from Kenneth Mcmillan

“This property is really bot worth the hassle”
18 Hillhead Street, Hillhead, Glasgow, G12 8PY View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 4
Moved In: 02/06/2015
Date reviewed: 2 August 2018
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Landlord review for Kenneth Mcmillan, Glasgow

Landlord rating: 1
Worst, landlord I have ever encountered. Its a shame as the property otherwise would be ok. This landlord really not makes it worthwhile. He is incredibly invasive and has thrown away personal belongings of all tennants, enters your room with out notice and shows up unnanounced. I can only stress how unpleasant it is to be suprised by your landlord when coming out of the shower / bathroom in your towel. He has made threatening comments, rude comments or even racist motivated comments to a flatmate of mine (Singapore). I myself had to listen to threatening ir rude comments like move out etc when asking for a new bed after mine had been removed as it had grown mould in it. I slept a month on an airbed borrowed by a friend and I was paying full rent !!!
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Property review for 18 Hillhead Street, Hillhead, Glasgow

Property rating: 3
11 bedroom property, 3 bathrooms, 1 kitchen. The rooms are in good condition. Bathrooms are a bit thilthy despite being cleaned weekly. The bathroom in the second floor has a leackage from the top floors sewage so this will end in a nasty, dribbling surprise and despite mutliple complaints sadly has not been fixed yet. Kitchen generally is clean although there is not enough storage space for 11 people and not enough seats.
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Area review for Hillhead, Glasgow

Area rating: 6
Really close to University which makes it ideal for students. It has poor parking opportunities although. Its close to local amenities like tescos.
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