Tenancy review for 139 Yorkhill Street in Anderstoncityyorkhill, Glasgow rented from Mx Shafi rented via Western Lettings

“Hell is private renting”
139 Yorkhill Street, Anderstoncityyorkhill, Glasgow, G3 8NS View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 1
Moved In: 01/02/2017
Rent: £525
Date reviewed: 6 September 2020
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Landlord review for Mx Shafi, Glasgow

Landlord rating: 1
Absolutely dire. Took nearly 2 months to get one issue fixed. Slow to respond, refused all initial quotes for replacements & repairs so could spend days & weeks hunting for cheapest option. When the shower broke the landlord refused the sparky's cheapest quote. On day five phoning to ask when there would be a replacement they asked "can you not just use the bath instead?". Claimed poverty as reason they could not replace the fridge in reasonable time - they own multiple properties in the area and their own property is worth over £500,000.

Always did the absolute bare minimum even where it ruined the overall condition of the property long term. They chose to replace the only storage heater in the property with a cheap panel heater. None of the panel heaters have timer controls. Also despite heavy marks on wall and holes in carpet from where the storage heater used to be - they decided to leave it as is.
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Letting agent review for Western Lettings, Bearsden

Agency rating: 6
To be fair most of the staff are decent, polite, and showed weariness when reporting my landlord's reluctance to fix issues. Sparkies etc who came out were great - and are in no way to blame for the god awful quality of repairs.

However, when reporting issues with cleanliness (including showing photos) they simply restated "It's been professionally cleaned" and sent the same service out who again hardly touched the place. The person when handing over keys on looking at the general condition of the property and dirt simply remarked "I'm sure it'll look nicer when you move your stuff in". The inventory was also a joke - with many items listed as very good / good condition when they were broken or lightly / heavily marked. So clear it was an old version that was printed off rather than taking the effort to update the inventory. Both these members of staff no longer work for the agency and I have had no issues with the others, who have always been polite and quick to respond.

Letting agents always deflect blame when the landlord is dire saying it is not their fault. But if they don't want to share the blame then they should refuse to offer a service for such landlords.

Edit: Amended agency rating as on reviewing photos of condition of property on entry they have confirmed I will not have to clean it on exit.
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Property review for 139 Yorkhill Street, Anderstoncityyorkhill, Glasgow

Property rating: 1
"Abandon hope all ye who enter here"

Flat 1/2.

To be honest, the fact the door number is written in marker pen should have been a warning of what to expect. To give you an idea of how little has been spent on decorating and maintaining the property - there's not even carpet plates between rooms. Tenants will want to ensure they always have footwear on as there is a particularly nasty carpet pin between hall and smaller bedroom. The toilet is from a different set to the sink and bath. I would recommend any tenant brings their own toilet seat. The cheap flimsy plastic one provided by the landlord is not large enough to fully cover the outer rim of the toilet bowl. The walls are heavily marked in places, yet never been repainted.

Property was handed over in disgusting condition with broken fridge, storage heater, & hot water. Apparently the storage heater had broken a few times before I moved in and the landlord was recommended it be replaced but refused.

It's also probably the coldest place I have ever lived. The panel heaters are not cut out for the job and I had to buy three portable heaters. Even then they need to be permanently on as the place doesn't retain any heat. Standing next to the windows in winter feels like standing in front of an open freezer. Decent draft comes in round the frames on all of them. There's also a half inch gap under the front door.

See photos of hand over condition and general condition of the property here - http://photos.constellations.scot/index.php?/category/1
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Area review for Anderstoncityyorkhill, Glasgow

Area rating: 9
Nice area, next to Kelvingrove park, plenty of shops nearby. Just a pity about the landlords.

Had issue with neighbours stealing parcels left in common area but they have left now.
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