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Keith Wilson in Dundee

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Keith Wilson, Dundee

Reviewed 5 December 2018
Hands down the best I ever had. If I ever move back to Dundee I’ll be in touch to find out what you have available.
He was quick to sort things, even things that I hadn’t noticed needed changing.
I have stayed in 4 different properties of Keith’s based on studies, job changes, switching, etc. All of them unique, filled with good memories.
He listens well, is helpful with advice and general chat and is cute...all very helpful.
I can’t believe he has a hater on here. It certainly wasn’t my experience- he’s so nice. I got my deposits back in full each time and even when I expected some deductions for me damaging a few things by accident. He also helped move me in and out of some of the flats. Inspections were rare. Initially at the start to make sure you’re keeping the standard up and caring for the property and is willing to explain how to best clean this or do that. I learned many a good cleaning and tidying tip. Central was always good. I usually had the place warm.
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Keith Wilson, Dundee

Reviewed 27 November 2018
There is always room for improvement and we had a moment or two of miscommunication, but he is genuine and goes above and beyond what he needs to as a Landlord.
He collected me from the train station on a Sunday evening for check-in. He followed this up with a lengthy induction the next day on how to use everything within the property and showing me all the paperwork.
He even gave me a 2-week cooling off period when I signed the Tenancy as I wasn’t from Dundee and didn’t know where I wanted to live. I found out later when I moved to another property that this was not standard.
The Landlord undertook an initial inspection in the first 6 weeks and then each time before the change in tenant happened. So there were 4-in total including the final inspection.
The Landlord was fair and didn’t charge me or my flatmates a late fee on the few occasions we forgot to pay the rent by the due date. Again, I found out later that this was not the norm and most Landlords or Agents will charge a late admin fee to send you a reminder email.
Any repairs or queries were dealt with very quickly. If something could not be done for a while he did inform us of the reasons for this and gave us an indication of when it would be done.
The Landlord was true to his word and for my flatmates and myself and we each got our deposits returned in full after we returned the flat to condition and cleanliness we found it.
The Landlord provided a good reference for my new Landlord and did not charge for this which I’ve heard others do.
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Keith Wilson, Dundee

Reviewed 21 August 2018
Petty. Doing inspections too often and expect flat to be perfectly clean with no dust anywhere. Trying to charge for nearly anything
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