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17 November 2021
He lives in the property on the second floor opposite the tenants bedroom. He only has young female tenants and sometimes acts inappropriately. He often makes remarks that can be interpreted as racist especially regarding foreign students and talks badly of precious tenants. He often tries to get involved in our personal lives and has asked us not to have any company or men over. It was speculated he was in a relationship with one of the tenants of the cottage he rents out opposite that he has likely not tax declared. He tried to intimidate us into not filling out the census which is a legal requirement and made us leave off all his details. He offered 2 girls living there a contract to take naked pornographic photos for money and pestered them often if they had filled it out. He has touched tenants, hugging them from behind without any warning or prior consent. Previously messaged us under a different name - Phillip Carter who we have never met but had the same phone number.
24 August 2021
Disgraceful , turned ignored us, lied to us. age didn’t put our deposit to secure scheme had to keep asking for this . Hasn’t given us the deposits back spoke lied …to us now having to get a solicitor involved.
24 May 2020
People should know this before they move in, I wish I did. The landlord acts like a very sick, corrupt, and perverted old man. I think the vast reviews sum up how much of a control freak he is.

Not only was he always lurking around the house, failing to mention that he lived there until I moved in, he was also in a weird relationship with one of his tenants. They would always be together in the living room or in the kitchen, touching inappropriately and talking loudly. He made us all feel uncomfortable (apart from that 1 girl of course :)).

He would say racist things to the Asian girls that lived with me, making comments about their food and culture (especially when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, he would put them down and ask them whether they eat bats). He would also make fun of people who ate meat and make them feel like they are bad people. I would end up arguing with him about silly things that shouldn't even be questioned, such as putting a working light bulb in the corridor. The majority of us tried to leave the contract early because of how bad it was and how much we hated living there, but the landlord would not allow it (unless we paid for the remaining month and he kept our deposit).

He would argue with anyone who tried to confront him about any issues, personal or house-related. He would tell you that "no one else" thinks like you and make you think that you are crazy or stupid. He would get in my face when arguing. He even recommended my friend (another tenant) to a dodgy modelling agency!
22 May 2020
The landlord is a creepy old pervert who makes lewd remarks. Steer clear at all costs!
10 October 2019
In the 3,5 months that i lived there i could not use the ensuite bathroom, and the back of the house was still under construction. We got a new fridge when the old one broke down.
6 November 2018
I found the landlord to be overly friendly with other girls. I believe he let himself into my room with no warning or explanation as to why.Would often refer to previous tenants as 'crazy', and tell us it wasn't cold (I kept a thermometer in my room - Winter with heating on is was 13 degrees regularly). I have photographic evidence of these low temperatures. I often felt intimidated and he refused to "argue" by shutting any conversation down, so conditions wouldn't change. The feeling was, 'its my house, my rules, I will do what I like'.

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