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8 January 2021
The landlord is incredibly difficult to work with, invades your privacy and was completely unsupportive and disrespectful during the covid pandemic lockdown in march. Having left for an unknown amount of time the landland went into the house several times going through our belongings and drawers without telling us and allowed workman in to work again without telling us. During the lockdown she also threatened to put all our stuff into bin bags and leave it outside if the house to collect despite us continuing to pay 4 months of rent with no reduction with at least 2 months left of the tenancy. She also constantly emailed us as if trying to hurry us out of the house before the tenancy ended which we did not appreciate. Before the lockdown too the landlady comes to check the fire alarms and inspect the house. These were excuses to spy on us and made several personal comments about flatmates rooms which were unnecessary and rude. We could not relax in the house having being forever worried about the landlady showing up or "inspecting" the house.
12 May 2019
The landlady is confrontational, manipulative, intimidating and does not listen to tenants. She takes advantage of students and claims to knows best. She breaks the contract as she gives keys to workmen without informing the tenants, who then proceed to let themselves into the house at various times of the week, without the landlady seeking permission at least 24 hours before. Does not claim responsibility for issues and continuously blames tenants. A nasty piece of work. Do not recommend.

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