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8 August 2019
Would insist that there was nothing wrong with the property and then would get things fixed anyway. As if they didn't want to admit to our faces that there was anything wrong with the property e.g. when asked about the security of the patio door were told that there was nothing wrong with it, even though with little force it could be pulled open from the outside. When we came back in September the lock had been repaired despite “there being nothing wrong with it”.

Even if you are the perfect tenants (befriending the neighbours and everything) they will look for faults upon inspection even if there aren’t any. If you didn't follow their recommendation and went your own way, they responded negatively.

The markings on the original oven had worn off and so we had to guess the settings. Only after the council inspection, did we have a new one which, because smaller ovens are cheaper, didn’t even properly fit the gap. Because it was the wrong size, plywood was placed each side. A thoughtless decision as it was only placed on top and so if food fell down, it was near impossible to remove due to the size of the gap.

Simply, the landlord couldn’t be bothered to spend money on improving/repairing the house and only upon ‘official’ pressure (i.e. the council) actual did their job as landlords.

And upon the end of the tenancy, tried to charge us for as much possible e.g. a lightbulb that had gone out during the last two weeks when no one had lived in the property.

I know this could come across as that terrible, over the top review that you always find on review sites. But trust me, from siblings and mates who are at other unis, I know what student houses are meant to look like. Students, stay away.

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