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9 June 2020
This woman has an anti-social personality disorder in my view with how she has made up claims against our deposit, along with a lot of completely irrational behaviours including lying and manipulation. She argued against reasonable points made about the state of the property even in the face of proof. This nasty piece of work tried to take money from our deposit to pay for brand new windows and a new piece of furniture, completely ignorant of the point of having a deposit. We had to go through the TDS to receive our deposit back in full. We have not found a single person that has not had a wholly negative experience of this woman, even including those that she pays to have work done.
23 January 2020
we were left over 4 months with a leaky boiler. We were left with windows which had a draught coming through even though they were closed, and which open in stormy weather. Landlord left us over three weeks without a working fridge, often forgot things and refuses to communicate in writing, but arrives unexpected, changes and swaps furniture without agreement, doesn't do things by the book and makes unnecessary renovations to the house (whether you want them or not!) leaving you to cope with the unaddressed basic faults with the property. Committed trespass on at least three occasions during our tenancy. It's just not worth it.

Landlord unhappy we moved out at the end of the tenancy due to her attitude and is illegally coming after us for our deposit. Known to do the same to previous tenants but we fell for it, as other students in the future no doubt will also.

EDIT: The landlord went further in falsifying all sorts of damages after we had left and it took us months of untold stress to successfully recoup our deposit back in full.

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