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24 December 2023
Another huge red flag would be many people moved out of our building. The turnover rate was staggering. I've only been here two years but it seemed that every day almost there would be new tenants. When speaking to some of these tenants they mentioned Reign also ignored similar issues mentioned. So I was definitely not alone in this.
As well as my flat, there was constant problems with the building. Including sewage leakage that happened multiple times. It was absolutely vile. I cannot stress enough how the entire building was a place of squalor that was falling apart, without a doubt a modern day slum. Did I mention package thieves were abundant there?
Due to my personal circumstances, I literally could not leave. I had no money for any better. I was trapped in this nightmare for two years and scared to post this review until now as the fear of eviction was very real and being thrown out on to the streets should I speak up.
It was an extremely traumatic experience and has seriously affected my mental and physical health.
I only hope that karma does what's due and Reign/Sapna/Pinky/B-Hive/Bowen Zhang/APW and everyone else get investigated, because someone needs to speak up about this, and this goes for all those who have had dealings with these crooks, past and present.
They need to be formally investigated, because the maltreatment and advantage taken of tenants needs to end.
I wasn't sure to share this, but this experience with living in such horrible conditions was so horrific it did cause suicidal ideation in me. I never felt safe. It was a horribly unsecure, polluted, dirty, unsafe area and I recieved sexual harassment from another tenant which I had to contact the police for.
24 October 2020
Flat is is a warehouse conversion close to Belvoir Street, so it is quite accessible to anything in central Leicester. That said, the outside noise does spill inside, particularly on weekends. Noise from ASBOs and police were frequently heard and the street itself is not very well lit, which could be an issue for safety reasons. Neigbhour had a break-in and lost valuable goods
12 September 2019
Clarendon Park is a great area. Lots of shops nearby, close to a big park and the University, easy to get into town.

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