Manchester Students' Union



The University of Manchester Students’ Union wants to make sure that students have the best experience while at university. We know that where you live is a huge part of that and we want to make sure that choosing where to rent is convenient, reliable and based on student feedback.

Renting needs to improve and we need student feedback to make that change. That’s why the University of Manchester Students’ Union is partnering with Marks Out Of Tenancy to enable students to review their landlords and improve renting for the entirety of Manchester. Marks Out Of Tenancy will allow students to hold their landlords accountable and allow us as a Students’ Union and the local council to crack down on landlords who constantly fail their tenants and promote those landlords who make sure their tenants are safe, get repairs done quickly and provide accommodation that is affordable and high quality.

What's it like to live and rent in Manchester? Click the link to find out more.