Students’ Union at UWE



The Students’ Union at UWE are really excited to work with Marks Out Of Tenancy to make sure our student’s voices are heard with regards to housing issues. If you live in private accommodation, or are trying to find somewhere you can use Marks Out Of Tenancy to rate the property, agency and landlord. 

Too often students are left feeling powerless and without a voice when they are renting. Marks Out Of Tenancy are helping shift the power back into the renter’s hands by allowing them to make more educated and informed decisions when it comes to finding the house they want. 

If you have recently moved out of your house, or are looking for somewhere new to live, visit their website at

Marks Out Of Tenancy are working alongside our Advice Centre, who are available to talk to should you wish to ask any further questions or discuss accommodation worries.

- Sian Hampson, VP Community and Welfare

What's it like to rent and live in Bristol? Click the link to find out.