Renters' Rights

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Who Is Responsible For Getting Rid Of Black Mould In A Rental Property?

Black mould in rental properties can be extremely dangerous. Our guide on the how, what, who and where seeks to answer some of the major questions.
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How Do I Get My Deposit Back From My Landlord?

Navigating the world of renting can be tricky, especially when it comes to getting your deposit back from your landlord. But don't fret - we've compiled the top 10 tips to help you reclaim your deposit with ease. From understanding the Tenancy Deposit Schemes to maintaining regular upkeep and documenting everything, we've got you covered.
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Dealing With Unauthorised Landlord Entries

Remember, your home is your castle, and your landlord should respect that. If they're forgetting their manners (and the law), by entering your property unannounced and unauthorised, there are tools to help you to handle it.

What Can I Do If My Landlord Raises The Rent?

Finding out that your rent is going up can feel like a real kick in the teeth. We get it - it's tough. But take a deep breath, because we're here to help you navigate this tricky situation.
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What If My Rental Home Is Unfit To Live In?

The Power to Make it Right: 8 Essential Steps for UK Renters in Unfit Homes
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What Can I Do If My Landlord Is Not Making Repairs?

We've all heard the stories: a leaky tap that turns into a flooded bathroom, a draughty window that lets the winter chill seep in, or a broken boiler that leaves you shivering in the middle of a cold snap. Let's dive into this topic so you can ensure your rented home remains a comfortable, secure, and habitable haven.
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What Can I Do If My Landlord Is Harassing Me?

Landlord hassles? You're not alone. Let's take a closer look at how you can deal with landlord harassment in the UK.

What Are Landlords Responsible For Fixing and Maintaining?

As a renter, it's crucial to know what maintenance and repair responsibilities fall under your landlord's jurisdiction and what tasks might fall onto your own shoulders. Pull up and chair and let's have a look!
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What is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy and How Does it Protect Renters and Landlords?

The Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) is a fundamental element of the private rental sector in the UK. It was established by the Housing Act 1988, revolutionising the private rental market by clearly defining the rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants.
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How Can You Tell If A Rental Property Is Legit Or A Landlord Is Legit?

Everything might not always seem as legit as it is. Scratch under the surface, see what you can find.

Why is the Ministry of Housing 'How To Rent' guidebook so useful?

There's loads of information about renting available on the internet. So why is the Ministry of Housing 'How To Rent' guidebook so useful?
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Do I Need Permission To Start a Company From Home?

In a word: 'Yes', but find out some reasons why in the article
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As A Tenant You Have The Right To ‘Quiet Enjoyment’

As a tenant, you have the right to ‘quiet enjoyment’ in your rental property.
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Your Rental Deposit Rights Explained

What are the basic right with tenancy deposits? We dig in to the basics of tenancy deposits here.
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You Have The Right To Live In A Property That’s Safe

What are the basic rights you have as a tenant to live in a safe home? Read on.
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The Importance of a Written Tenancy Agreement

If you’re renting in England or Wales, it’s important to understand that landlords aren’t under legal obligation to provide written tenancy agreements. Still, not having a tenancy agreement in writing places both the landlord and the tenant at a disadvantage.

Can Someone Explain The Tenant Fees Ban In Layman’s Terms?

The Tenants Fees ban. What is it? What fees are banned? What does it all mean for letting agents, landlords and tenants? Click through to read our summary.
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Can I Legally Withhold Or Stop Paying Rent To My Landlord?

Your landlord's not repairing your home, not responding to calls or texts. Your rent's due. Should you stop paying until he sorts it out?
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Landlords, Smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide detectors: Whose Job Is It To Change The Batteries?

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms aren't just for waving tea towels at when they go off - they're potential life-savers, but who's responsible for maintaining them? You or your landlord?
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I Have a Complaint About my Landlord. Who Should I Complain To?

We're not all perfect. Sometimes things go wrong. If you have a complaint about your landlord, who should you complain to?
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When Renting Is It The Tenants Or Landlords Responsibility To Keep The Garden Tidy?

Who has to trim the Cynodon dactylon? Does the tenant have to cut the Fagus sylvatica? We discuss all things gardeny in this article.

How Can I Claim Money Back From My Landlord?

You may have heard of a 'Rent Repayment Order', but what is it? how does it work? can someone help me do it?
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10 Top Tips For Getting Your Tenancy Deposit Back

Looking for 10 top tips from actual renters on how to get your tenancy deposit back? We've got your back.
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What Does 'The Property Ombudsman' Do?

Who? Why? Where? How? These questions and more answered in this article about these piggy-in-the-middle organisations.