Tenancy review for 12 Jobs Well Road in Carmarthen Community, Carmarthen rented from Mr Gavin Clapp rented via Runnett Property

“Farmers are notoriously tight but these are ridiculous”
12 Jobs Well Road, Carmarthen Community, Carmarthen, SA31 View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 1
Moved In: 06/04/2017
Rent: £545
Date reviewed: 13 September 2019
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Landlord review for Mr Gavin Clapp, Carmarthen / Caerfyrddin

Landlord rating: 1
They evicted us to get an extra £500 per month because a new shopping complex was being built across the road. When they took to court when we couldn't find a property in our price range in the area. The landlord would come to the property with fake jobs as an excuse that we never put out. Then when we had a section 21 they would park outside the window with the different farm vehicles and drive off when we approached the window. Just to intimidate us. Did this most weekends when my child was home.
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Letting agent review for Runnett Property, Carmarthen / Caerfyrddin

Agency rating: 1
Job's reported via their website never got to them. Contractor would show up without any notification and would get attitude if we were going out and could accommodate them. They would hire the cheapest unqualified people to do a job then when we called that the job was done terrible and they would have to hire a qualified person to rectify it. Paying twice essential. When two gas engineers (one hired by the agency) said the boiler needed replacing so when we said that needed to be done. 2 weeks later section 21. The male owner of agency was a real tough guy on the text service. Trying to get deposit back off them. But they are lying trying to keep it. Said we owe 2 days rent because we left on the 2nd we paid up to the 6th. So they owe us money. Previous tenants junk we left there but they say it's ours. Rubbish we left on street for council which picked it up later by van by the council the wanted £220 because they told the dps they did it. This letting agency should have it's license removed
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Property review for 12 Jobs Well Road, Carmarthen Community, Carmarthen

Property rating: 1
Property was hardly changed from the state it was left from the person who died there but for what the landlord did in terrible diy which looked at best a cowboy builders attempt to do it in half an hour. The boiler was very old and had been patched up so many times. We had to spend 2 weeks without heat because the letting agent didn't check that it was was working before we moved in. Which broke the tenancy agreement. Bathroom didn't have a extractor fan so we had to keep the door open and window wide open and hot water down low to keep the mold problem at bay which was deep in the wall all along the detached side. Rubbish and item from previous tenants left at the property. Carpets ripped and stained
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Area review for Carmarthen Community, Carmarthen

Area rating: 7
Transport links are ok. Bit busy around school time and 5pm office workers home time. Few police incidents
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