Tenancy review for 13 Newman Avenue in Wigan West, Wigan rented from Louise And James Vagon

“Louise Vagon”
13 Newman Avenue, Wigan West, Wigan, WN6 7RE View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 1
Moved In: 19/12/2019
Date reviewed: 26 February 2021
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Landlord review for Louise And James Vagon, Skelmersdale

Landlord rating: 1
Louise and James Vagon are very rude and aggressive people, they lie a lot about repairs, they'll claim repairs have been done when they haven't, will claim the tenant didn't allow workers into the property, will claim the tenant is filthy and destroying the house, they blame any and all issues on the tenant especially as time goes by they will lay the blame on tenants. They refuse to spend money on proper repairs and instead hire unqualified people or do it themselves with no qualifications. They lie about struggling with money but will show off over multiple holidays a year and flashy new cars. They own over 50 properties and have even admitted most have issues going on.
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Property review for 13 Newman Avenue, Wigan West, Wigan

Property rating: 4
The house is a beautiful 3 bedroom semi detach, which needs the love it deserves but doesn't get due to landlord neglect.
The roof is collapsing and leaking, the house needs repointing mold in walls due to this issue not being resolved, all sorts of rubbish was hidden behind a fence in the garden, the fences are rotted and fall during bad weather landlord just sticks them back up instead of replacing, floorboards throughout the house are very loose, the stairs are falling apart underneath, floorboards that are near the outside walls are rotted, no insulation in the attic, and the beam to hold the roof up is balancing on slates and not cemented in properly. They are big fans of using expanding foam on everything over actually fixing the issue. If you dare ask for repairs to be made both landlords are very aggressive and rude, happy to resort to threatening behaviour and like to try illegally evict you if you don't back down from your rights as a tenant. They also do not care about the right of quiet enjoyment law they will turn up without notice and let themselves into your property if you dare complain they make sure to let you know they don't care because it's their house.
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Area review for Wigan West, Wigan

Area rating: 10
The neighbourhood is lovely, neighbours are nice and polite, rarely any issues in the area.
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