Tenancy review for 104 Church Road in Hove, Hove rented from Messrs Olivia Trading Ltd rented via Just Lets

“Messrs Olivia Trading Ltd 102-104 Church Rd”
104 Church Road, Hove, Hove, BN3 2EB View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 2
Moved In: 02/02/2022
Rent: £795
Date reviewed: 11 July 2023
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Landlord review for Messrs Olivia Trading Ltd, Brighton and Hove

Landlord rating: 3
This studio is a new build. The materials used are of high quality. The workmanship is very poor and it’s as if the builder gave up properly finishing the jobs off. Leaving holes and gaps in the flooring.

The shower stall is really small and I bang into it when having a shower.
The shower air con doesn’t work properly for the the space so paint has already started peeling off on the ceiling where condensation accumulates.
The shower plug stinks to high heaven if you don’t thoroughly wash it out each and every time you shower.

The plumbing in the kitchen had to be replaced due to three leaks occurring at the start of my Yemen at a year ago.

The electricity box wasn’t wired properly and kept of tripping due to an overloaded fuse box that I eventually got sorted due to having to call out The National power cut team out of hours when the electricity failed after 5pm on a Friday night.

The EPC in this studio is bad due to the draughts, lack of insulation and also because the radiators are electrical and ultra sensitive to any temperature/wind changes within this space.

The landlord just attempted to raise my rent from £795 to £955 and when I wrote back to ask if they might please delay, they served me a section 21 notice to quit.

Baring in mind I moved here a year ago, having been served another section 21 notice from my previous landlord of 9 years and therefore am still financially recovering from that entire year of rental grief. Therefore they were fully aware of my finances and the fact I’d be unable to jump as high as they’re asking me to.

Also the studio windows are at bus height level…. which is quite fun for an exhibitionist and not so much so if you happen to love your privacy.
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Letting agent review for Just Lets, Brighton and Hove

Agency rating: 9
Just Lets/Pier Associates have been a wonderful and kind agent to deal with here in Brighton & Hove.

The three employees I have been fortunate to deal with have been respectful, kind, personable and very helpful… the contrast has been quite stark between dealing with them and other mainstream lettings agents in Brighton and Hove. They’re a credit to their industry and personally I hope they remain working within it as they’re pure gold.
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Property review for 104 Church Road, Hove, Hove

Property rating: 3
104 (A, B, TFF, D) Church Road, Hove.
I’m renting a new build studio flat in this building and have just been served a section 21 notice due to asking my landlord Messrs Olivia Trading Ltd to please delay increasing my rent by £155 a month, which is well above the current inflation rate and government guidelines.

There’s no double glazing in any of the flats and one window pane in this studio has had a split in it from day one. My other window was painted shut before my tenancy started.
The building is not insulated which means we, the tenants living here regulate the hot as heck Spring/Summers by opening a window in the hallway, as well as leaving our own windows open.

We also regulate the cold as heck Autumn/Winters by firmly closing all windows as well as using chimney draught excluders as mine hasn’t been shut off properly like I was told it was when I first moved in.

The hallway and building has an office feel to it, very inhospitable. I rectified this by using wire wool to reveal the silver numbers on our front door that had been painted over and by re-attaching our broken letterbox flap.
I also added designer lampshades on the naked hanging bulbs to soften the lighting which is permanently on, day and night.

We have recently had a yearly paint through the common-ways, which happened just before the rent was increased for us all.
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Area review for Hove, Hove

Area rating: 4
The centre of Hove is great for socialising.
It is however noisy. Busses are in constant use but stop from 3am till 5am.

There are also a number of regular altercations on the high street due to random people (from nearby care homes, or shelters) acting out very loudly.
This also happens with drinkers as they go back home from the nearby pubs late at night.
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