Tenancy review for 48 Rothbart Way in Hargate And Hempsted, Peterborough rented from Kuljeet Sargent rented via Optimum Lettings and Property Management Ltd

“Woken up everyday by 10 barking dogs at 5am”
48 Rothbart Way, Hargate And Hempsted, Peterborough, PE7 8DZ View on map
Overall Tenancy Rating: 1
Moved In: 13/01/2018
Rent: £950
Date reviewed: 19 October 2018
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Landlord review for Kuljeet Sargent, Cambridge

Landlord rating: 1
The landlord as far as I can tell was just interested in making money from me and not the fact that the house was someone's home. Asking me to pay the re- let fees was in my opinion morally unacceptable and unethical given that the letting agent confirmed that she was fully aware of the dogs and lived there herself. I've also messaged her since and she ignores my messages as does the letting the agent - a month later and I've still not received my deposit back which they are keeping maliciously. I left the house immaculate, so they are also trying to take £145 to prune a bush which I tended to whilst living there. It was in its winter state (Jan) when I moved in and in its Summer (Sept) much fuller and nicer state when I left. But because they couldn’t find anything else to charge me for, I’m now having to fight to get this money back too!
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Letting agent review for Optimum Lettings and Property Management Ltd, Peterborough

Agency rating: 1
I have rented from several letting agencies in the past and these are definitely the most untrustworthy, aggressive people I have had to deal with. The director/owner instils this behaviour into his staff. They pretended not to know about the 10 dogs next door even though the neighbours next door said they did and the prior tenant came over to tell me this was the one reason they had also left.
Nine months into the tenancy I'd had enough and spoke with the owner/director which was a very difficult upsetting conversation, and one where he made me feel like I should be grateful that I had to pay the re let fees to move out. I was desperate to move out and get away from the noise and so agreed. The house was literally on the market for a morning before they found new tenants, so the only person who was out of pocket was me. The person who was lied to by omission.
During the tenancy I also had issues with repairs where they'd ignore my emails and then take ages to respond, the worst being the replacement of smoke alarms that ceased working. They replaced the alarms, but didn't take the old ones away which were connected to the mains supply and one night I had the pleasure of listening to them go off all night because they were trying to cut corners and not pay for an electrician.
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Property review for 48 Rothbart Way, Hargate And Hempsted, Peterborough

Property rating: 1
The actual house could be a lovely family home if you picked it up and moved it somewhere else. It's decorated as a family home which is a nice change from the usual magnolia box. However, it is a fairly new house and has thin walls and you can hear the neighbours 3 kids running up and down the stairs constantly. The main issue though is the TEN Chinese Crested dogs that live next who are let out to bark loudly and continuously anywhere from 4.50am to 5.30am EVERY single morning and then regularly throughout the day. It’s impossible to enjoy the garden because of the noise and also the smell emanating from the garden due the fact that these poor creatures are not walked!
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Area review for Hargate And Hempsted, Peterborough

Area rating: 3
The trouble with Hampton is it’s a victim of its own success. There are too many people to cope with the infrastructure in place. My daughter could not attend any of the three schools as there are just too many families in the area to cope with the demand. The doctors are worse than terrible and forget about a dentist there aren't any available places.
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