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Malti Maini, Nottingham

Reviewed 9 August 2022
EXTREMELY MONEY MINDED AND DID NOT CARE ABOUT TENANTS. Malti always found a way to not repair or replace things but was immediate to demand for money/rent. Our microwave broke during the last 1 and half months of tenancy (during first COVID wave) and it was not replaced at all. Very promptly sent a "hope you are well during the COVID times, but please pay the due rent on time" message.
Took a HUGE chunk off our deposit stating for cleaning purposes.
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Malti Maini, Nottingham

Reviewed 5 October 2021
After agreeing on a deposit reduction because of cleaning (which was already far too expensive, £270 for a small house that we’d already cleaned) we still did not receive our deposit within 10 days. She then charged us an extra £100 for there being rubbish in the basement (which was there before we moved in and the basement wasn’t included in the lease) AFTER the 10 days and the initial agreed reduction. She then proceeded to ignore all messages.

She also ignored messages about issues with the house for several weeks and would send her handy man (who would just let himself in without knocking) round without any prior warning.
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Malti Maini, Nottingham

Reviewed 25 September 2021
The landlady of 3A Oundle Drive was one of the worst student renters a person could ask for. She was rude, unresponsive to when we needed help and overall an untrustworthy person. Throughout the whole year she offered no help to our requests and I shall list them now -
- My curtain rail fell down and after three times of asking for it to be fixed she never even sent out the repairman. This meant I had to make a makeshift curtain hanging and slept awfully for close to the 2 months it was in this state.
- When we moved in initially, there was a skip in the driveway impeding my fellow housemates cars to get onto the drive. This led to one of them being fined for their car being on the road instead of the drive where this skip was. We asked many times for her to move it and it took longer than it should've. The skip was there to clean up the state of the garden even after we had moved in.
- A Landlord must announce when they will arrive at the property for the tenets to be ready, she did not do this. She arrived multiple times to check the garden when it was being cleared whilst we were living there. She did not communicate with us at all at some points and was not trustworthy.
- At the end of out tenancy she tried to take a substantially chunk of our deposits from us by using illegal charges including a deep clean which is now illegal under the tenet fee act of 2019. We ended up having to take a part of our deposit being deducted due to us threatening her with court.
This is only a short list of what Malti Maini did to my house in 2nd year. She is a scamming landlord and one who tries to use students to her benefit and already growing empire of student lettings. If you see the name Malti Maini, stay far far away she means your students harm and she is only there for the monetary gain she wants.
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Malti Maini, Nottingham

Reviewed 26 May 2021
Absolutely unacceptable. I will list as many faults as I can here but there are definitely more!

- Doesn't respond to messages in a timely manner half of the time, usually had to be chased.
- Getting ANYTHING fixed, even something like a dripping tap, would take a month and repeated chasing up.
- Tried to lie to us to make us all pay rent 3 months in advance (illegal), her handyman never replies or shows up without 24 hours notice (illegal)
- Has been kicked off unipol approved landlord register because she did not protect deposits and was taken to court by previous tenants (and lost)
- Just all round incredibly rude, unpleasant and difficult person to deal with. Clearly incapable of being an acceptable landlord due to a remarkable combination of incompetence and disregard for the rights and conditions of her tenants.
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Malti Maini, Nottingham

Reviewed 8 June 2020
Never met the landlord. She had a repairman who would come round if we had problems. He was very friendly and helpful but a bit forgetful so would have to pester him to sort out things. When we went to move in in August we were told the keys were not available so we were not able to move in until September even though our contract said we would move in in August. Took ages to sort out a new contract to make sure we would not be paying August's rent. Didn't have a kitchen table or chairs when we moved in. Asked for 2 months for chairs and then they finally arrived. Would frequently not respond to our messages. Asked for a bike rack to be put on property, got a disabled bar put there instead for us to lock our bikes to. Was not big enough for all of our bikes so our bikes ended up getting damaged.
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