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29 January 2021
Each tenant had similar experiences with the landlords. They refused to hear and act upon our concerns regarding the state of the property. They were rude, ignorant and aggressive! We each returned home to find our kitchen utensils thrown out into the garden and our bathroom products binned. Disgusting behaviour. In addition, I often heard the both of them screaming about individual tenants around the house, which was threatening and out of order. I believe I speak ok behalf of all the tenants when I say that they are not fit or suitable to be landlords.
22 August 2019
Absolute nightmare. Would email at midnight, expecting entry to the apartment the next day for imaginary problems. Completely neurotic, once sent us an email complaining that we were 'scratching on the ceiling' because I moved the table to hoover and asked us not to set the fire alarm off because it once accidentally went off when cooking. Furthermore, she was obsessed by other people visiting or staying. You had to let her know if anyone came or went which is bizarre.

At the end of the tenancy she charged us for some completely ridiculous things, like changing electric supplier and loosing a microwave-oven tray that I'm fairly sure never existed. Ended up paying her about £100 of deposit because I did not want to dispute and drag it out. I have heard from other tenants that their rooms are in disrepair and their rent has gone up unannounced.

In short, I really wouldn't rent here unless you're absolutely desperate. If you do, take pictures of everything when you move in and get written confirmation of any pre-existing damage (even if it seems small). Go over the inventory twice and set clear boundaries that you need 24 hours notice for inspections.
1 February 2019
At the beginning of my tenancy, the landlady and landlord started off well. Regular cleaners and most issues were taken care of quickly.

However, it changed when one day they came to inspect the property. They demanded another tenant look at the bathroom and began screaming at her. We were accused of living like animals and illegally housing tenants without their knowledge based solely on the fact there were many shampoo bottles. The landlord then begun throwing shampoo bottles around the bathroom telling us we were disgusting. It came as a surprise because we were very clean tenants.

Another day, we came home to find all our belongings in the kitchen thrown outside in the garden and an email saying to not leave anything at all in the kitchen.

We repeatedly received threatening emails stating that, if we are ever caught with anyone in the house who is not a tenant, we will be immediately evicted.

They made extremely unreasonable charges on my deposit and took over 2 months to return it. I was shocked at the amount they took. I didn't want anything more to do with them so accepted it and moved on.

I feel sorry for the tenants who have suffered under these landlords. I would avoid them like the plague.
12 July 2017
Landlady has a habit of entering the property without notifying tenants (we experienced this ourselves and were later told of this by the tenant we sublet from). We were screamed at, threatened with the police being called, and sent numerous threatening emails demanding eviction at shorter and shorter notice because the landlords had a dispute with the person we sublet from. They repeatedly insulted my intelligence and I was told I was 'illegal' numerous times. I had to negotiate carefully to avoid an instantaneous eviction whilst 6 months pregnant, despite having paid my rent and working hard to make the flat as nice as possible. Was accused of 'destroying the property' when nothing was broken. If for some reason you want to rent here, make sure to check your legal rights and document every door and wall very carefully to avoid extra charges. The landlords announced their intention to keep many months of rent money which had already been paid by the tenant from whom we sublet. Could have stayed to fight illegal eviction but didn't want the stress. Be careful with these people.

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