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21 February 2024
This is generally a student area so there is always noise and people walking past your windows at late hours making lots of noise. The left side neighbors were very unwelcoming and sent us a rude letter the first day we moved in. Other than this is not a bad road. Horrible neighbors for students though and they will be on your case !
21 February 2024
This is a very pleasant and residential road. It is out the way from central Brighton and compared to other houses I lived in we had no trouble or problems with the neighbourhood in Seville street. The only downside is the long walk up the hill!
21 February 2024
Brighton is a great place to live but not in a central road like rose hill close. We had countless strange interactions with passers by and there would be lots of alcoholics and other people loitering outside our house. We had several people come onto the property and even people coming up to our doors and windows. I myself have been followed down the road and the alley at the end always has drug deals taking place. There would always be shouting outside and police called. I would not say this is a safe place to live
7 August 2023
Lovely neighbourhood ,quite ,well presented..

Easy access to transport ,but not too much shops around ..easy access to A27
11 November 2021
Spencer & Leigh never treat tenants as humans, every staff treats us like we have no human rights and that we are stupid. Our landlords also lied to us about a few things that they promised, and Spencer & Leigh let it happen.

1. Our landlord said our electricity bill will be near nothing due to the fact that there are solar panels. However, once we moved in, we then found out that none if the power the solar panels generate goes into our electricity bills, instead they go into our landlords’ bank accounts, and of course we don’t get any discounts on our electricity bills.

2. Before moving in, our landlords said they wanted to save having to get rid of some old furniture (sofa, chairs, beds, chests of drawers), so asked if we would use them, if so they can leave them here. But if we ever want to get rid of them and get our own furniture because they were quite old, then we can do so. So we agreed because it saved them having to spend money and effort, and we didn’t mind having them in our home temporarily. However, they now said that they want everything they left behind to be here in perfect conditions.

3. We pay £1400 per month, yet, when our boiler broke in cold season with no hot water or heating, our landlords refuse to pay £75 to get a plumber in asap. Instead, they decided to use their warranty which is super slow, and had us wait a few days until someone comes in to have a look (not necessarily get it fixed). At the mean time, no temporary solutions were provided. We looked online for information, and having no hot water is considered an emergency, therefore landlords have the duty to get it fixed within 24hr. Both me and my husband works in professional jobs, and they suggested us to either fill up the bath with a small kettle, or to not shower for days.

4. We are moving out when Brighton had the massive strike with no rubbish being picked up for weeks, resulted in our garden filled with bags of rubbish, and Spencer & Leigh told us to put all the rubbish in our car when we leave otherwise we will be charged.

5. When we moved in, our landlords had left lots of items in the property, for example paints, floor oils, cleaning products, light bulbs, hangers, and there were even milk left in the fridge. When we moved out, we left all of their items there thinking that they would want to keep them there for future uses, however, Spencer & Leigh took photos of all the items that our landlords left, blamed that we left items behind and tried to charge us.

6. During Covid, when most landlords have given help to tenants, reducing rent, delaying rent or even canceling rent, we did not receive any help, nor did we even asked for it. And when it comes to us asking if we can have a 5-month contract or a rolling contract for 5 months after being here for two years and not missing one rent, they refused to do so and chose to kick us out early. We asked to have a 5-month contract rather than 6-month contract because we are moving to another country, and now we are left in a very difficult situation because we don’t know where we can go after the date they wanted us out and before we move. We even asked if we can just leave two weeks after the date and they still refused.

There are also many other moments when we felt that we were forced by our landlords and Spencer & Leigh to do certain things which are totally unfair, and felt that we were not treated with any respect.
21 August 2021
The Brighton train station was a less than 3 minute walk away, and 5 minutes the other direction was London Road, with great transport links and stores. There is a corner shop 30 seconds away, as well as a pub. The neighbours are friendly, and everyone helps everyone else.
17 August 2021
Great bus stop right outside. Nice to have Withdean Park in your back garden. Lovely puppy park!
16 July 2021
Terrible high street. Safe area and very little crime. Quiet but good access to grocery shops like tesco iceland and aldi.
19 February 2021
There's several pubs within a 5 minute walk, co-op 30 seconds away and various other shops and takeaways around. Very good bus links to town and both unis.
8 January 2021
Its alright but huge hill. People next door are quiet but friendly. Nice colourful street but you can definitely get a house closer to town for a similar price. Bus stop right outside the house.

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