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22 July 2024
Area is fine. Not close to the country park like the advert says.
6 May 2024
I could write even more about how bad of a landlord Oliver Brocklehurst was and am sure still is, but to end the review on a positive note, the area of the neighbourhood is wonderful. It is in the perfect location for healthcare workers, and the local amenities are great. Right across a bus stop as well. If you're going to rent a room, do it from another landlord in Horwood Close.
15 April 2024
Residential, quiet, safe, not man amenities, far from any nightlife.
4 February 2024
Very near bus stop to take you into the city centre and near to shops and supermarkets. Lovely, peaceful area, nice places to walk and run nearby.
3 February 2024
the flat has an amazing location. it is 2 minutes away from the bus and 15 minutes away from templar square shopping center. The street is quiet and our neighbours are nice :)
2 February 2024
The local area of Iffley is like a quiet village on the edge of Oxford. Walking down by the nearby river, there are a few nice pubs to choose from, it's only a 10 minute walk to Templar's Square for shops and supermarkets, and there's no through road so it's only traffic coming in or out of the village.
16 November 2023
The house was semidetached so I was confident there would have been little chance of being annoyed by noise. Boy, was I wrong! (even the previous tenant warned me, but I was in a desperate rush to find an accomodation, in the nightmarish market situation, and having to live in student accomodations) The spanish couple living downstairs was so lousy and loud, they were animals. Constantly shouting and slamming doors (and I was in constant rage, a big toll on my mental health and no quiet at all, and they went on repeatedly for many nights, often until 3AM-4AM), no way a reasoning with them in a civil manner, not even stomping on the floor and shouting at them to stfu was enough. No way of calling the police on them (they were not playing music at max level, it was that grey area in which you're unfortunately not protected by the law, and you know.. The racist feudal lord has not been very helpful, or friendly at all). You may imagine how many times I wished I could have killed them, the constant rage of being powerless against some weirdos, I wonder how you can even have a job and stay up all night pretty much every other day, I even tried to retaliate, stomping on the floor and timing the laundry machine, and it was effective (that's how you reason with animals) for a bit, but then they started again and I lost it completely and instead of leaving explosives into their letterbox or just kicking the guy's ass to really send the message through (I'm not that kind of person, but with these primates that's the only thing they understand) I finally decided to just *ucking leave and change job and town. What a rollercoaster.
5 November 2023
Cowley is nice - lots of places to eat and very close to the city centre. It's not the safest part of Oxford (lots of bike theft!) but I was never worried for my personal safety.
1 October 2023
Area seemed fine
30 September 2023
10 min walk to Headington shops, convenient bus links to city centre and London

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